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These prices do not include installation.  Please call for total cost including installation.  6x8 Storm Shelter. Vent on roof. Base price starts at $3,250. 8x16 starts at $10,000. 8x40 4 bunk beds starts at $20,500.  8x54 6 bunk beds 2 doors starts at $29,500. Options are unlimited. All sizes available. Any design you would like. Steel, 8x40- 8x10 Long term shelters with generator, shelving, just like your living room we can do it. We do  recommend steel structured shelters with 150 year rubber coating. Reason is no cracks, no mold, no collapse. With a steel structure there is no eye sore of a 3ft hill in your yard that you cannot mow, it sits below the earths surface. We will build to your specifications. We will take your needs and do everything from start to finish. We are one of the few that offer a steel structure in the United States.

Steel Safe Rooms

Also available are safe rooms. They can be built to suit your exact specifications. Safe rooms protect your family from extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, strong wind storms, and tornadoes. They are bolted to your foundation, to ensure they will not overturn or uplift, even if the rest of the residence is destroyed.  They are built to withstand extreme winds and debris. Call for pricing and more information.

We have 15 + years experience with excavating and fabrication.

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Why is steel better then a concrete shelter?

Concrete gained popularity as a widely accepted material for storm cellars and bunkers in the World War II era. However, as time went on, it was apparent that there was not much longevity for them. They leak, mold, crack, settle, and loose integrity over time. With the Texas climate, concrete is even more vulnerable with the humidity and soil conditions. Concrete expands and contracts greatly as its heated and cooled, leading to cracks in the structure. Cracks must be maintained on a regular basis which is expensive and time consuming. If left untreated, they compromise the integrity of the shelter. After cracks develop, they begin to hold moisture and mold and are prone to collapse. Think about it it, this is why you wont find a concrete shelter with a warranty longer then 10 years.

If not maintained regularly, concrete storm shelters quickly deteriorate and become more of a safety issue. A storm shelter should not be a safety hazard and maintenance issue, it should be in place to protect your family!

Why not Fiberglass?

Fiberglass has a great weakness. Fiberglass is prone to deterioration by UV rays and moisture. It has the same problems with mold and mildew if left untreated. The mold and mildew itself will also deteriorate fiberglass. Fiberglass has a significantly greater maintenance cost. Fiberglass shelters are not all the way underground, and the UV rays cast from the sun damages the part that sits above the ground causing microscopic cracks. Those cracks could cause it to shatter!

So why steel?

When treated with 150 year rubber coating, steel has very little maintenance issues and last much longer then the other options. It will not crack, leak, collapse, mildew or mold. Steel will expand and contract with the ground, not crack like concrete or fiberglass. There is no 3 ft hill eye sore in your yard. It sits below the earths surface. We can build it to your specifications, making it as comfortable as your living room. In a situation that calls for your family to take refuge in a shelter, you don't want to worry about mold, mildew or possible collapse. You want the safest, least problematic shelter, and that is why our steel shelters are the best option. Read more about this by clicking here.

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